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Please vote NO to the Grassley 21 and 22 amendments.

I met my wife in 2001. We dated for a while and then decided to get married. We got married on April 30 2002, and shortly after that we decided to work on getting her papers. We took our time filling them out because we wanted to see if the laws would change. Time went on, and in September of 2004 we had our son. After he was born we decided that we should just hurry up and get it done, so we started filing all the papers to try to get her a visa.

I assumed everything would be ok so I didnt look into the process very much. I just thought that her being married to me and us having a son together would be good enough for her to be here. Again, some time passed and then sometime in early 2008 we got a letter saying she had to go to Juarez mexico for a interview in early September. So we knew she had to go back, but we were just thinking for a few months to a year. We all drove down to her state Sinaloa. My son was 3 and almost 4 at the time. I left my wife and son there. She said she didn’t need me to go to the interview and that I couldnt even go in if I tried, so I flew back home to Utah. The interview came, and my wife called me crying because they had given her a 10 year bar with no chance for a waiver. My heart dropped and then I really wished I had paid more attention to what was going on with immigration. I didn’t even know there was a chance of this happening. She had told me they asked her in the interview how many times had you come to the US. She told them twice the first time, then her father had died and she 389122_4706450985598_1718761657_nwent back for his funeral and then came back again. They never caught her here. She thought being honest was the right thing. Well that was 4 years and 6 months ago, and we are just waiting out the 10 year bar separated from each other: My wife and my son in Mexico and me here working to support us. I want to move down there with her, but my fears of not being able to support my family keep me here. I do what I can for them and I send them what ever I have left after all my bills are paid. I go down and visit 2 or 3 times a year and my son comes up and spends 2 months in the summer with me. That is pretty much our story. This April will be our 11th anniversary and I miss my family dearly.

I hope there will soon be a way for us to be together here in the US. All I would like is for US Citizens like me to be treated no less than anyone else in this upcoming immigration reform bill. We deserve the right to due process and for our cases to be heard. We deserve to be given the chance to weigh our case in front of a judge so that families like mine can be reunited.

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